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Golf coaching in Cheshire

Get more out of your golf

Welcome to Cheshire Golf Coaching with Sam Proctor. This is the place where you can improve your golf technique in a relaxed and helpful setting. I help with all aspects of coaching, and provide hour-long golf lessons for just £50.

You can take advantage of lower rates by booking in bulk, which will help improve your game yet further. With state-of-the-art TrackMan technology and my experienced tuition, you can benefit from my golf coaching in Cheshire indoors and outdoors!

Call me today on 07984 565441 or email sam@cheshiregolfcoaching.co.uk to develop your golf skills.

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You can arrange ongoing subscriptions, individual lessons, or group lessons, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or close to professional level.

You can also book a block of lessons at once, or ongoing monthly subscription, which I find is far more constructive, enabling you to build on your work of a previous session, and improve on your weaknesses or strengths, from your swing to your putting. If you are looking for quality golf coaching in Cheshire, contact myself, Sam Proctor, and we can work together to improve your handicap.

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You can call me directly at 07984 565441, or email me on sam@cheshiregolfcoaching.co.uk.

Why come to Cheshire Golf Coaching?




Experienced coach


I began golfing 10 years ago, and played for 4 years in the United States on a college scholarship. I am now a full time, qualified golf coach in the final year of my PGA degree.



Advanced technology


Together we can use the TrackMan virtual golf simulator, to measure and record every aspect of your swing dynamics and accuracy.




Learning at your pace


You can choose a range of lesson programmes for golf coaching in Cheshire, so you can improve your game when it is convenient to you.



Indoors or outdoors


With the TrackMan golf simulator at our disposal, our coaching utilises both outdoor courses and indoor simulators to track your data and improve your swing. 


Adults and juniors welcome


No matter what our age or skill level, we can find things to work on, and help you develop your swing, or work on the finer aspects of your golf play.




What is TrackMan?

This virtual golf simulator allows us to measure every part of your swing dynamics, helping you to hone your technique to the finest detail. While some of your coaching will be on an outdoor golf course, when the weather is poor, or when your swing needs attention, this incredible tool will help you improve and develop your game.

Whether you wish to practice driving or iron-play, with the help of this tool, and taking stock of its lessons, you will find your driving accuracy and greens-in-regulation improves markedly.




 golf coach in Cheshire

What it tracks

The TrackMan simulator uses optically enhanced radars to track your biometrics, club dynamics, ball flight, and capture the moment of address, to precision accuracy. It will record you as you take your shot, allowing us to examine your swing together, and make measureable improvements.

I provide quality golf coaching in Cheshire, and will enable you to reduce your scores over time, using the TrackMan in tandem with my experienced and insightful advice.

Benefits of using TrackMan

Using this virtual golf simulator we track every detail of your performance to analyse and fine tune your swing. The TrackMan can measure the amount of draw and fade, the velocity and loft of each stroke, club head speed and more. 

In this way you can make improvements and enhancements to your swing and make it work for your physique.





After nearly a year away from golf I started having lessons with Sam who has managed to not only get my swing back on track but has slashed my handicap. I am now playing off 14.7 and see steady progress each time I play. His analytical approach has given me feel for the first time. He seems to get the way I need to learn golf.

The technology at his coaching bay is top drawer and gives me the data driven feed back to support the feel I'm developing. He's friendly approachable and makes my lessons very enjoyable. I enjoying lessons as much as I do playing.

I've recommended Sam to family and friends and without exception we are all enjoying great results. 

James Hindley 


I have had golf lessons with Sam for around a year. My game has gone from causal play with no real technique to being able to achieve a recognised handicap whilst playing with a much greater level of skill. With Sam's expert coaching and friendly approach I have now been able to play more regularly, with more enjoyment and i am certainly a more confident golfer.

The technology available in lesson is incredible, with immediate feedback and instant readings and stats to further reinforce the learning points that Sam teaches.

Sam himself is a top man who I really enjoy being around. His teaching is second to none and has helped me tremendously, and the lessons are carried out in comfortable surroundings with the highest of tech available.

I'd never use anyone else and recommend all of my golf mates and those wanting to get in to golf to use him!   

Pete Duffy