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At Cheshire Golf Coaching, I help golfers of all ages and proficiency levels improve their performance. You can arrange group lessons or 1-2-1 golf lessons if you prefer, focussing on whichever particular aspects of your golf game you need.

As a golf instructor in Cheshire, I have coached clients from across the area, and helped many players improve their performance, and rekindle their love of the game too!

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golf coach in Cheshire   golf coach in Cheshire

golf coach in Cheshire   golf coach in Cheshire

Meet your coach

I am Sam Proctor. I have been playing golf seriously since I was 15, and won a scholarship to play golf at San Jacinto College in California. During my stay there, my love of coaching was ignited, and since returning to the UK, I have established myself as a golf instructor in Cheshire. I have been coaching for 4 years now, and I coach golf at Golfbays, and the Beeches Driving Range, near Knutsford in Cheshire.

I fell in love with the game simply from watching it on television in my early teens, and once I took up the game for real, I never looked back. During my tenure at San Jacinta in California, I realised I loved golf coaching even more than playing, and commenced my PGA coaching qualifications along with training people informally to begin with, before taking up coaching professionally.

I am now a fully-fledged golf instructor in Cheshire, helping players of all standards approach their golf with renewed confidence and pride.


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